A service to 360 °. We give the best shape to your ideas, starting from the project we take care of all aspects of production to give you a perfect finished product, in total.

Niccoli Bags is able to offer customers a complete service that, from sending your design or photo, starts a study (on our part) until the delivery of the finished product.

The skills that Niccoli Bags makes available to its customers, embrace the entire production process of bags and accessories in leather, exotic and fabrics.

We realize your ideas taking care of every aspect, we will support your team and we will offer the experience and the vision of our working group.

Suppliers: We put at your disposal suppliers carefully selected over the years able to offer services and products of the highest quality at competitive prices both for leather, fabrics, and accessories.

The Models: The design involves the development of the CAD model, the study of possible aesthetic improvements and the improvement of the work phases.

The Prototype: We interpret your requests with competence and professionalism, creating a perfect prototype ready to go into production.

Production: The great Italian craftsmanship skills and the most modern technologies at your service. A staff that guarantees a quality product.

Quality: To give you a product that meets your expectations we carry out strict quality control on every single piece made.

Starting from the project we take care of all the aspects of production and we will create a finished and perfect product for you.